We are confident in delivering to your complete satisfaction. Yes, the results can certainly transform your property!
We encourage you to ask about our cleaning methods and express any concerns you may have.
In the meantime we have listed responses to commonly asked questions to help with selecting a roof cleaning contractor.
Will roof cleaning damage my roof?
No. Provided an experienced contractor is instructed this should not happen.

An initial assessment is always conducted before cleaning is started.

Clearly if the roof is in poor condition and the structural integrity of some tiles are compromised you should look to get the roof repaired before any cleaning is undertaken.

In the unlikely event that there is an accident during the cleaning process or a tile is broken for example than we have the support of a building and roofer contractor with over 30 years experience to carry out remedial works.
What roof cleaning methods do you offer?
There are several methods that a contractor may use to clean your roof but not all of them would be advantageous

1. Moss removal From Roof
This involves scraping moss from the tiles which won't necessarily give you that 'new roof look', but will certainly solve moss related problems. This a safe technique that is suitable for all roofs as it is undertaken using carbon fibre poles without stepping on your roof

2. Reach & Agitate Biocide Roof Cleaning
Our primary method to kill all the organic growth on your roof. Biocide bleach based product is delivered using extended poles under very low pressure and agitated into the tiles via a brush. Again this method can be carried out at gutter level without the need to walk on the tiles, so it is ideal for delicate roofs.

3. Pressure Washing
While this method gives an immediate result, high pressure washing can erode the protective tile surface and possibly even cause water ingress. High pressure cleaning using a cherry picker or a mobile scaffold tower is often our primary method for commercial roof and cladding cleaning.

Will water come into my property?
As experienced operators using safe, low pressure techniques this is highly unlikely on a structurally sound roof. Gutters and down pipes are also cleared before cleaning your roof to ensure they flow correctly to prevent overflowing.
Is the rest of my property at risk from the mess?
Every effort is made to ensure your property exterior and gardens are protected from the falling debris and water created by the cleaning process.

If we think there is any possibiity of your neighbors property being affected in any way we will speak with them.

Whilst mess is inevitable, we carry out a full clean up including a clean of all your windows.
Do you have to visit to quote?
Not necessarily.

You can send us photos of all sides of your property along with your objectives and we can quote that way.

As long as we have your telephone number and email address, we can quote for the job.
Are you insured?
Yes of course! We would never carry out any work without the correct insurance in place.

We have public liability insurance for up to £1,000,000 and this is adjustable to suit larger projects. Our certificate of insurance is available to view on request.